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Today is about the digital creator who turned a digital dream into a living, breathing digital platform, Marius Dascalu. So proud!🤩 Marius leads us by example, every single day. He taught us that leadership is a team sport. No exception.🤝 #digitaljob #digitalvision #digitalfuture


With over 4 billion internet users who will be spending (a combined) 1 billion years online in 2018*, we can safely say that the digital era is taking over, no doubt about it! Virtual Reality is old news, Artificial Intelligence is going mainstream, online customer experience is king, digital learning and remote working are on the rise etc.; we are living a disruptive digital movement that creates new markets, new habits and new standards, in minutes! The present and the future belong to digital thinkers who embrace innovation as a day-to-day mindset.


As an individual, getting the most out of the digital world can be a challenge. With this in mind and with a focus on how to make people’s lives easier, healthier and happier through digital means, a Romanian team of digital creators and strategists put their digital ambition to work, invested time, money and effort to develop


Launched in 2015, Digitaljob is already the No.1 Romanian job board fully dedicated to leading professionals in the IT, design and marketing industries and one of the first of its kind in the world.


The core goal of this visionary initiative is to build strategic bridges between digital brands and digital minds, shaping a strong and dynamic community through creative collaboration.



Marius Dascălu, Founder, Head of Strategy & Creative Development of Digitaljob, shares a few thoughts about this innovative digital recruitment platform.


What is the main role of in the digital age?


Changing the world for the better is everyone’s duty. One step at a time.


I strongly believe that research and development can make a huge difference for today and tomorrow.


Education is power. Digital education is the future. Digitaljob is more than a digital recruitment platform, it’s a dynamic community where digital specialists and digital companies can “meet”, communicate, learn and grow together.


Our official mission: “We aim to assist anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, location, race or gender, get to a point in their professional career where they have the opportunity to work in any digital related company or industry, anywhere in the world.”


Simply put, we channel our passion and efforts in offering digital professionals a development platform where they can boost their career potential by accessing the best jobs, companies and knowledge in the digital industry.


The recruitment platform is focused on the digital industry. Who exactly benefits from it?


Our intuitive platform was designed with a Human2Human approach, it embodies both B2B and B2C needs. To name a few categories: software companies, startups, agencies, digital-focused businesses, HR and developers, designers, marketers, managers. These “players” are connected by their digital DNA, education and interests.


Digitaljob’s architecture offers multiple practical benefits.


Digital companies access the shortest way to the best digital talent on the market, insightful analytics for improving their recruiting strategy, employer branding tools and much more.


Digital users can find the right jobs faster than ever, connect to peers, write company reviews, create and download infographic CVs, benefit from valuable career advice and digital trends etc.


How is different compared to other job sites and/or apps?


Our digital philosophy is to always challenge the status quo. We are different in many ways, not for the sake of being different, but aiming to be more useful every day.


Digitaljob is designed only for digital people and digital brands. The online career journey and the platform features we created best serve this particular niche, therefore we attract quality brands and candidates from the field.


We aim to lead positive change in the digital era and support the “JOBalization movement” – as we like to call it, to simplify digital hires and job searches. We support this goal by promoting a culture of relevance, which values time, talent and transparency. So, we created a unique matching system that accelerates talent discovery through agile algorithms based on relevant skills and professional levels.

It’s also worth pointing out that companies have two ways of hiring great talent: digital specialists or digital teams. Users can easily create teams and this feature opens a world of opportunities for both digital talent and digital employers.


What happens next, what is the future going to look like on


As you know, the current Digitaljob site is the BETA version. We will launch the improved platform version in the following months, with a couple of new features that we hope you will find interesting: localization, salary range and more.


We will extend our presence on several markets in Eastern and Western Europe and we will use every opportunity we get to further optimize the platform according to the global dynamics.


We have a long and exciting journey ahead. Our job is the future, a continuous work in progress to better serve the digital community.



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