Tremend – One of the best places to jumpstart your career

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5 reasons why Tremend is one of the best places to jumpstart your career


At Tremend, we pride on a strong engineering DNA, and we develop advanced software solutions through the power of code on a daily basis. From automotive and banking to healthcare and retail, we’ve developed hundreds of projects for leading companies worldwide — you might be using one of the solutions we’ve created without even knowing it. And we firmly believe that continuous learning is what it takes to build a successful IT career.


But there’s so much more about us than meets the eye. Curious to find out what’s behind the scenes at Tremend? Here’s a sneak peek:


  1. We’re explorers — we like to play with the power of code. That’s why we have our own tech playground — Tremend Labs — where we experiment with cutting-edge technologies and the latest tools to empower bold ideas and translate them into real-life solutions.


  1. We like to do cool things together — like jamming in our Music Room on Metallica beats, engaging in a Foosball tournament, challenging ourselves in a ping-pong or a FIFA match, or simply having fun at our legendary parties.


  1. We make active learning our priority — just last year we had over 65 training sessions held by our talented software engineers. Likewise, we have regular visits from tech innovators, makers and doers, who share their valuable insights during our Tremend TechTalks. And have we mentioned that we have some great mentors in here as well?


  1. We engage in coding battles against the clock — if there’s a must in a programmer’s life, that is participating in a Hackathon. And we can put up some epic programming marathons to code the craziest ideas into winning solutions.


  1. We get to work with inspiring clients — five top global car manufacturers use our enterprise software solutions. So do some top EU telecom operators, leading retailers, and media outlets. Fun fact — one of the startups that we developed projects for was acquired by Google. Just imagine how far your code could go.


This is just a small part of our #LifeAtTremend. If you want to get the whole picture, send us your resume at and let’s start the conversation. We’re at Timpuri Noi Square — only 15 minutes away, by subway, from your university.